So, you wanna know what sort of comics I read? What sites I visit? Well, wonder no more! Follow these links to my favorite comics, sites, etc. Enjoy their tasty selection of fine comics and other services. Tell them I sent you there, so people hear about me. Everyone wins.
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Breakpoint City Breakpoint City: A big, fresh dose of the future. Check out the adventures of a reluctant superhero, his talking dog, psychic Sofia Jaypeg, and all sorts of fun little Ohio jokes along the way.
Broccoli Top Broccoli Top: Anime is a pretty awesome lifestyle, isn't it? Jay Burst used to think so, to. Until, that is, he stepped through a very convenient hole in space-time and ended up in a world not quite like our own ...
Evilish Evilish: A tale of swashbuckling heroes and powerful villains ... but from the villains' point of view. Shapeshifters abound as Akuma and Ember try to ... well ... do something.
LinT LinT: I have no idea how to describe this, except as hilarious fantasy involving a frustrated elf, a drunken midget dwarf, and any number of other laughable magics. Read it!
The N00b The N00b: Let's all laugh at the misfortunes of some poor schmoe trying to survive within the cutthroat world of Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games.
Real Life Real Life: From time travel to Beethoven techno remixes, from PAL to the Tony of pure EVIL, from a lone Scottish Claymore to an assortment of fine blades and shurikens, this strip has it all. Read it or the Shirt Ninja will get you.
Star Bored Star Bored: "Mr. Bob" Oosterwijk makes in-jokes work for you! With an awesome drawing style and a wacky sense of humor, this comic parodizes every major sci-fi it can find.

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